Pre Primary

At DPS Rampurhat we deliver a joyful and protected environment to the children in our pre-primary classes. Kids are at their learning best at this stage. All parents wish that their kid would be come into contact with the most-colourful and joyful times in their life in the school. We provide modern educational practise and child friendly environment to help the little ones to explore their surroundings. A dedicated play area and interactive audio visual training help them to gradually unfurl their minds.


These are the foundation classes. At DPS Rampurhat our primary students now take the lead on their adventure of learning. They are producing themselves as independent learners. At this stage they begin to understand the complex thoughts and attach with the real world through the academic domains like reading, writing and numbers. As the children matures to explain the activities around them, we understand that they are ready to progress to the Middle School.

Subjects we teach here are - Languages, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Computer Science etc. The Co-Curricular Activities in these levels are - Art and Craft, Dance, Music, Yoga, Swimming, Story Telling, etc.

Middle School

At DPS Rampurhat, middle school students learn in a highly integrated way – experiments, fascination, reproduction and compassion. This is the moment, when they start to understand the school lessons, syllabus, and the value of assessments. As per the norms of CBSE, the School follows a two-term assessment format with the objective to improve the child’s performance at every step by recognising his/her learning hitches right from the beginning.

The main subjects of these level are - Languages, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Civics, and Geography. We offer Co-Curricular Activities such as - Art and Craft, Dance, Music, Yoga, Robotics, Swimming etc.

Senior School

At this stage, in DPS Rampurhat we design a more organised and controlled education process. We realise that to face the first academic challenge i.e. the board examinations. Students in this stage require the best educational academic support. Science and Computer laboratories supported by very efficient staff, updated teaching techniques through continuous assessments, doubt solving, practice and mock tests. We specially focus on teacher – student relationship which will help the student to feel free to ask for help.

The main subjects of these level are - Languages, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Civics, Economics, IT (Information Technology). We offer Co-Curricular Activities such as - Art and Craft, Dance, Music, Yoga, Robotics, Swimming etc.

Senior Secondary School

The final stage of the school where the real journey has initiated to decide a student’s career. At DPS Rampurhat, our crew of skilled educators will not only help you come out with board exams but also promoting you in preparing for entry to conventional as well as for new age careers. We offer the following streams with following subject combinations –

English (Core)
Biology / Computer Science / Economics
Mathematics / Computer Application / Physical Education

English (Core)
Business Studies
Mathematics / Computer Application / Physical Education
Geography / Hindi / Bengali

English (Core)
Political Science / Psychology
History / Sociology
Geography / Hindi / Bengali
Economics / Computer Application
Mathematics / Physical Education